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      Female Sexual Dysfunction

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      Although not thought of as a “bladder issue”, the vagina and bladder share a common bond and border, and both can be affected by childbirth, age, menopause, and pelvic surgery.

      Sexual dysfunction and bladder dysfunction sometimes overlap and can occur simultaneously.

      Vaginal changes from childbirth or atrophy with age can result in loss of vaginal sensation, pain with intercourse, or a sense of dryness. These symptoms can directly interfere with sexual intimacy and negatively impact desire and libido.

      Assessment of sexual dysfunction is straightforward during a pelvic evaluation, whether as the primary complaint or when bladder issues are the main driver.

      Bladder dysfunction such as pain, UTIs, bladder prolapse, overactive bladder and urinary incontinence can also negatively impact sexual desire and intimacy as well. Addressing bladder and vaginal concerns together can help achieve better results for both organs and the patient as a whole.

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